Friday, January 16, 2015

Picture Problems...

Hey readers,

I just noticed the majority of my blog pictures (that I took with my own devices and uploaded to my own travel Facebook page) aren't showing...until I can fix this please feel free to browse my pics here.Sorry for the inconvenience!

Most Popular Cuisine By State

I haven't posted since November 9th? Wow, that's ridiculous! Apologies readers! Let's just call this my winter break and move forward, shall we? :-)

I still owe you one final entry from my Labor Day weekend trip to Atlanta (I know, I know...). I'm actually headed BACK to Atlanta next week, which is how I remembered that I still hadn't posted about Sun In My Belly. I'll make it a video and post some pics. For my next foray into the "A", I have tours of CNN and Chick-Fil-A already scheduled. I really wanted to go to the Waffle House Museum, but I won't be there when it is open. Meh. I think I'll survive.

Additionally, I have a major update-- I have a car now! Yes, the Queen of Public Transportation has sold out and purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue SV. Now, don't think this means I don't still have the skills needed to navigate my way without one! But, I do have to admit it makes the thought of completing my journey in the year and 8 months I have left more realistic and affordable (still holding out for an airline or hotel sponsor of some sort...) I have a LOT of travel planned for 2015.

That's my un-named baby! Well, the Edmunds stock image of her anyway

Anyway, let me get to the point of THIS article. I often see articles (mostly on the Huffington Post) that talk about the top/best/worst/largest/greatest/nicest/etc of stuff for each state. I often reference these for ideas on what unique aspects to check out for my adventures. I thought I'd start sharing them with you on here! Just click the "50 State Lists" topic over there on the right (or where ever it ends up once I upgrade my site to something people in 2015 actually like to look at) and check them out!

Out first 50 State List discusses the food preferences of each state based on Yelp reviews. Now, admittedly that's automatically a little biased, because only a certain type of person even uses Yelp to begin with, but as it has cheesesteaks as the top food in PA (the state of my birth and current residence), it kinda makes sense, I mean, with Philly being IN the state and all. Of course you'd expect lots of seafood in New England, and beef in America's heartland (in the form of steaks or burgers). But there are a ton of random ethnic foods categories scattered across the country as well, such as Peruvian food in the Mid-Atlantic, and Hawaiian food in land-locked Utah. I'd be interested to learn what this means about the people in our country- I think it shows we are a lot more diverse than we may care to admit-- and I don't think that's a bad thing! This has probably been my favorite part of my blog- yes getting to travel and see new places- but learning how our differences are much less significant than we'd otherwise believe and seeing how interconnected we really are!

Okay, enough with my "world peace" speech, here's the link...enjoy!

Here Is The Most Disproportionately Popular Cuisine In Each State

PS, you can read about all my food adventures here!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A King's Birthplace

No trip to Atlanta would be complete without acknowledging the Civil Rights era's most prominent voice, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Having previously visited his monument in DC and the place of his assassination in Memphis, it seemed fitting that I visit the places he grew up and developed his earliest ideologies in. Enter my abbreviated visit to the MLK National Historic Site.

Tunicia and I visited here in between trying to hopefully find a dress for me to wear to a formal event I had coming up a few weeks later. While the sites themselves are free, for certain aspects, advance reservations are strongly encouraged as there are capacity limits. This was the case with Dr. King's childhood home, which we could only walk past and take photos of.

We walked very quickly through the visitor center. There you were given a very general glimpse of the way America operated in segregation and how this influenced a young King. Outside of the center was a statue of Gandhi, a major influence in the way King would approach leading others for change.

We got to go inside of the historic (and still used!) Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King attended and preached. They had one of his sermons playing in the sanctuary and visitors could go into the pews and listen.

I also got to see the tomb where Dr. King and his wife Coretta now rest. It was strange because I remember visiting when I was in high school (while Coretta was still alive) and it was a little sad to see it doubled in size. It was still a very beautiful way to honor these two American icons.

Well friends, only one or two more entries about my time (nearly two months ago) in Atlanta. I'm actually going to be back there in January so I'll be sure to visit a few more sites. In the meantime, I want to thank you for following me along on my journey, and as always, I'll see you on the next adventure.